Our Services

Our services encompass the full spectrum of innovation, from Modern Data Management (MDM) that ensures seamless data integration and consistency, to Data as a Service (DaaS) providing on-demand data access and insights. With Cloud Enablement, we guide your transformation into the cloud era, while our AI & Analytical Services offer data-driven insights and predictive capabilities. Lastly, our App Development expertise crafts user-centric mobile solutions that empower your business for success in the digital age

Modern Data Management

Applied AI aims to integrate data as a valuable resource into business processes, maximizing its utilization potential and ensuring optimal efficiency. This approach emphasizes data consistency across the entire processing chain, from data generation to evaluation. By offering a comprehensive solution that includes data strategy, governance, modelling, quality management, master data, and metadata, Applied AI ensures seamless data integration and governance throughout its lifecycle. Clear communication and expertise in data management help clients make informed, data-driven decisions, gain competitive advantages, and achieve compliance with regulations. Applied AI empowers businesses to leverage data strategically, driving innovation and excellence in today’s data-driven world.


Data Consistency ensures consistency across the entire data processing chain. Prevents discrepancies. Ensures accurate and reliable information

Improved Data Higher data quality leads to better insights, more accurate analytics, improved business outcomes

Regulatory Compliance Establishing robust data governance frameworks, organizations protect sensitive data and build trust with customers and stakeholders

Technical Components

Data Integration

Master Data Management

Data Quality Management

Data Governance

Big Data & Data Lakes

Cloud Data Management

Data Security and Privacy

Data Analytics and BI

Data Catalogs and Data Lineage

Data Virtualization

Data as a Service DaaS

Applied AI offers cost-efficient solutions to support data projects in the face of exponential data growth. Leveraging cloud-based services enables horizontal scaling, combining data warehouse, data lake, advanced analytics, AI, and ML to provide Data as a Service. Benefit from pay-as-you-go pricing, optimize costs, and dynamically scale your application as your client base expands.

Data as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud-based data delivery model, granting users on-demand access to data over the internet. By eliminating the need for local data storage or infrastructure, DaaS simplifies data access and management for organizations. Businesses can focus on utilizing data for insights, innovation, and decision-making without dealing with complex data storage and integration challenges.


Data Accessibility empowers organizations to retrieve the data they need quickly and efficiently, supporting real-time decision-making.

Cost Efficiency It eliminates the need for upfront infrastructure investments, provides flexibility in scaling data resources based on actual demand.

Scalability and Flexibility The cloud-based nature of DaaS solutions allows for seamless expansion without the limitations of on-premises infrastructure.

Technical Components

Data Integration

Cloud Infrastructure

Data Security

APIs & Web Services

Real Time Data Access

Data Caching and Acceleration

Data Quality and Governance

Subscription Base Model

Data Transformation

Service Level Agreement

Cloud Enablement

Applied AI specializes in cloud enablement, integrating cloud computing services into organizations for enhanced agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. We ensure a successful cloud journey by offering a well-defined cloud architecture, network requirements, and tailored security measures. Our comprehensive cloud strategy includes data and analytics services, leveraging the cloud’s flexible and on-demand resources. With DevOps technologies, we enable efficient implementation of new features in complex cloud environments, delivering a seamless cloud operation experience with data security and compliance. Maximize the potential of cloud computing with Applied AI’s expertise and embrace a cloud-ready future for your business.


Agility and Flexibility Cloud enablement allows businesses to rapidly scale resources up or down based on demand, responding to  market conditions and business needs.

Cost Optimization By leveraging cloud services, organizations can optimize costs by paying only for the resources they consume.

Enhanced Security and Compliance Cloud service providers implement robust security measures, data encryption, and access controls to protect sensitive data.

Technical Components

Cloud Migration Strategies

Cloud Service Models

Cloud Architecture Design

Data Migration & Integration

Security and Compliance

High Availability & Recovery

Scalability and Elasticity

DevOps and Automation

Cloud Cost Optimization

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Strategy

AI & Analytical Services

AI and Analytics synergize to extract insights, forecast outcomes, and automate decisions via data and advanced algorithms. The fusion of AI and machine learning empowers data-driven enterprises to identify prospects in vast datasets. Customized AI models require expertise and integrating them into workflows poses challenges. Strategically implemented, AI and Analytics optimize operations, anticipate trends, and enhance products, providing a competitive edge and personalized customer experiences. AI’s continuous learning fosters a data-driven culture, unlocking transformative opportunities and driving innovation. Ultimately, AI and Analytics enable data-driven decisions, competitive advantages, and the discovery of untapped possibilities across sectors


Data-Driven Insights By analyzing patterns and trends, businesses make data-driven decisions; better strategies and improved performance

Customer Experience AI-powered analytics help organizations understand customer behavior and preferences; deliver personalized experiences and targeted marketing campaigns enhancing customer satisfaction .

Predictive Capabilities forecast future trends; proactive decision-making, identifying potential risks

Technical Components

AI Algorithms

Data Preparation

Predictive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

AI Model Training

Feature Engineering

AI Model Evaluation

AI Deployment

Explainable AI

Continuous Learning