To be the most trustworthy data and analytics partner. To help organizations drive better decisions thanks to the exploitation of data as an asset, by applying cutting-edge AI technologies, empowering businesses with transformative insights and solutions that drive sustainable growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage.


Our mission is to help companies leverage the power of AI to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, optimize business processes, and products together with its clients, making them more sustainable, cost-effective, and secure. We do this by using advanced data and analytics techniques and delivering innovative solutions that address complex business challenges and unlock new opportunities for our clients. Through advanced algorithms, data-driven insights, and seamless integration, we aim to optimize processes, enhance decision-making, and foster a culture of continuous innovation.



Committed to excellence in AI, from cutting-edge models to exceptional customer experiences, maintaining high standards of quality and precision.

Ethics and Responsibility

We prioritize ethical AI practices, ensuring transparency, fairness, and accountability. Respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and addressing bias for trust in AI.


We value collaboration, fostering inclusivity, diverse perspectives, and partnerships. Collaborating with clients, experts, and stakeholders to co-create impactful AI solution.


Embracing innovation, pushing AI boundaries, fostering creativity, and continuous learning to develop cutting-edge solutions for evolving market needs.


Prioritizing clients’ unique needs, offering personalized AI solutions, exceptional service, and reliable support to build long-term partnerships based on trust and customer success.

Social Impact

Committed to positive social impact through AI. Actively contributing to social causes, promoting inclusivity, and benefiting individuals and communities.

Who we are

Applied AI Is a “start-up”, a value centered company, that specializes in providing high value AI-related services.  By wielding its multidisciplinary pool of specialized collaborators and strategic partnerships, and teaming with the client’s stakeholders, fulfills its objective to understand the clients’ specific needs and goals, then tailor AI value solutions that meet their requirements with excellence.

Applied AI Being part of the main innovation ecosystems has customers in diverse industrial, commercial and food segments, with operations in USA, Canada and Latin America.

Applied AI The services we provide vary depending on the specific needs of the customer; system engineers, scientists and strategic partnerships in areas such as AI research, machine learning, data science, software development, and UX/UI allow us to provide a coherent services offer.

Our Location & Global Presence

Headquarters based in Montreal, Canada has presence in Canada, USA, and Peru.

This strategic location allows us to:

better serve our clients, focus on innovation,

technological advancements leverage our presence to other locations across America and Europe; to become a leading player in the field of data and analytics services.

Technologies Used